Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I know I have not been a blogger for over a year now. We have a big weekend coming up and since some family are not able to attend, I wanted to share some pictures with them.

Our oldest son Alex is getting baptized on Saturday, he is so excited. He has always been a really good boy, I feel really blessed that he is part of our family. We are also blessing our new baby, Brett Charles this week too. He was born on February 26th and was 7 lb 7 oz. He is such a sweet little baby. It has been so fun to see his siblings smother him, they usually all go to find the baby first thing in the morning. All our kids are healthy and happy most of the time. Alex is in 2nd grade and loves going to school to trade Pokemon cards and has eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch almost everyday. Cecy is a social little Kindergarten girl, I am known by the kids as "Cecy's Mom", not Crista. She likes to babysit Brett, and play pet shops in her room. Daren is a busy little man, he LOVES the new baby and has scared me a few times when he brings him to me. He is a big helper and makes sure when he sneaks a treat he gets one for all of his siblings, he is very thoughtful! Carson is talking really well now and trying to keep up with Daren (scarey). He has a little temper and snaps occasionally, he is a big kid and I have been told that the kids at nursery just stay away from him. I don't necessarily think that is a good thing. Brett is surviving so far! Really, he is so fun and is growing fast.

......Well, I could say that I will try to do better at blogging, but I can't promise anything!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My baby sister Mary got married the first of January to a great guy named Andrew! I give myself a pat on the back because I helped set them up. They are the such a cute couple and are madly in love, it is great. Mary has lived with me off and on in the past few years, she is a great person and I am so excited for her. The last sibling on my side to get married is Dane, and he found a great girl too named Alexa. She is awesome and loves being around the kids. So needless to say we have been busy with wedding plans. Dave keeps telling me that I am not their Mom! All of the kids and grandkids were able to attend the wedding, it is so fun and crazy to all be together. It has been an great experience to attend the temple with all of my siblings and my parents, it was one of those events that I will never forget, it was awesome!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Pictures

Halloween Shots

I know I have been a slacker on my blog, I have had a few computer problems and hopefully we have them solved. I decided I am a 4 times a year blogger!! We had a great Halloween, the kids absolutely loved it! Alex wanted to hit every house he could see, Cecy's legs were tired after a few houses, Daren just wanted to sit down and eat the candy on the grass and then move to the next house and Carson just got excited about the candy. When we got home we dumped all of the candy in a big pile and Alex organized it into categories and put them all in baggies. I was cleaning up on Halloween night and I kept looking over in the family room and the kids started falling asleep one by one, we definately wore them out! (OK, it was Alex that wore everyone out!) The picture with the 4 babies are all cousins, they will always be good friends we hope! The picture with lots of kids are all cousins too (sorry about Miley's head!). We missed Anna, Adam and Hailey, we love you guys! Anyways.....Carson was a gorilla, Daren was a skeleton or anything else he could find, Cecy was an"ice princess going to get married" (we got in trouble if we got that wrong) and Alex was Optimus Prime. GREAT MEMORIES!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cecy loses the training wheels!

Alex first day of 1st Grade

He is so excited to learn! He acted like it was Christmas morning when he woke up, I only wish I felt the same way! I miss having him home with me, but am excited for him! He came home the first day and told me that he had chocolate milk, cake and a yogurt for lunch. (I saw the evidence of the cake on his shirt!) His favorite things so far are lunch (of course) and 3 recesses!

Running 1/2 marathon

This is after my second 1/2 marathon with some of my family.
My mom, myself, Mary, Alicia and my Dad!
Good job Mary and Leesh!
Running has become one of my favorite hobbies, and outlet. Someday I will do a full marathon!! I could not have done these races without Dave helping me! He is an awesome Dad and would just take over while I ran. He came to both finish lines with the kids, it was great to turn a corner and see my family cheering me on! Thanks for all the support family!